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Cooking Techniques: Stocks

   Techniques   October 1, 2015  No Comments

Ever wonder what the difference between stock and broth is? The answer is.. Bones! Stock is made using bones only. A few flecks of meat here and there won’t change it, but primarily bones. Broth is made using both bones and meat, or sometimes just meat. The base to a…

Jason’s “I’ll Change Your Mind” Brussels Sprouts

   Vegetables   September 25, 2015  No Comments

My wife never used to like Brussels Sprouts. I made them for her once and she went nuts over them. So I thought I’d share my recipe. My first question is this. Do you like cabbage? Then how can you not like Brussels Sprouts? Most people try the frozen ones…

Easy, Delicious, Sauteed Okra

   Vegetables   September 25, 2015  No Comments

When looking for a new vegetable to try or something different as a side dish, there is a gem that most people overlook. Growing it is fun because the plant produces very pretty flowers and then turns them into a tasty vegetable. Most people say “ewwww” to Okra. But just…